Challenge Party

Based on the hit TV Show, Minute to Win It, the “Challenge Pack” is the most unique party pack we offer and is full of games that the kids, and adults, will have never seen before! It’s action packed, super fast-paced, and even includes our awesome disco equipment: so it looks and sounds great!



What’s included?

  • 2 awesome party hosts to run the party
  • Lots of disco equipment – bubble machine, smoke machine, music!
  • 10x Challenges – based on the TV show ‘Minute to Win It’
  • Heaps of ‘all in’ party games
  • Upon booking you’ll also get access to our online party and guest management tool – the easiest way to invite your guests and manage your RSVPs!

What are the challenges?

The challenges include household items and we bring everything that is needed. We’ll have the kids stacking, counting, sorting, crawling, catching, dancing and non-stop laughing and screaming!!

If you’ve seen the TV show Minute to Win It, you’ll have a good idea where we are heading with this pack. Our hosts will split the kids up into 2 to 4 teams and every child will get to complete every challenge! The fastest team usually wins a point and the most points on the day wins the overall challenge!

What age group?

The Challenge Pack is designed for kids aged 8 to 13 years old.

For younger kids or mixed groups we can put together a mix and match pack with 5 of the Challenges + disco games!


The pack usually runs for 2 hours but can be tailored as required!

Where to have the party?

We do typically need quite a bit of space, but we host this pack in people’s home, hired halls, and other special purpose venues… all we need is access to power and space to run the activities!

What’s the cost? 

Our party packs are competitively priced. Please call our Party Planning team on 09 887 6991 for a recommendation and quote on the best party pack for your expected guests!

Love it, what’s next? 

Call our party planning team on 09 887 6991 to discuss!